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Team: Zo Vrij als een Vogel

School: Sint Lucas

Team Members:

Mila Jakobs



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Mila Jakobs

Description Design

After my research, I came across three words that stuck in my mind: freedom, redemption and a sense of security. These words were my inspiration for my design process.


I thought it was important to create a space where people feel free and safe, where they can share everything. This feeling of security is essential for creating a relaxed atmosphere. The search for the perfect expression of these words led me to the phrase "free as a bird".

To visually bring my concept to life, I chose airy tones, flowing lines and subtle lighting. My pursuit of a minimalist design reflects the simplicity and clarity that I want to convey.

I found my inspiration in the air currents in which birds navigate elegantly. By integrating these organic shapes into my design, I wanted to not only add aesthetics, but also capture the deeper meaning of "free as a bird". The flowing lines and subtle nuances in my design reflect the natural movements of birds in the sky, and this contributes to the overall harmony of the space.

Ultimately, my design is more than a composition of colors and shapes; it is a story that embraces the essence of freedom, redemption and a sense of security. It is an invitation for people to let the burden fall from their shoulders, surround themselves with peace and feel "as free as a bird".

About MADE-Life Foundation

We are committed to the advancement of mental health of children, young adults in the Netherlands and beyond. We do this by organising 'challenges' that innovate, inspire and inform in every possible way. These challenges act as a flywheel for the much needed changes in the mental health space.

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