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Welcome to the Future


Every school year MADE-Life will launch a number of new challenges in line with the foundation’s themes and initiatives. These challenges are all about creating a flywheel effect to generate much needed changes in the mental health space.


For the school year of 2024/ 2025, we are developing one new challenge. In parallel we are developing a challenge for 2025/ 2026. Feel free to reach out if you want to brainstorm, talk or think about these upcoming future challenges. 

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Art 2025

What does an anxiety disorder feel like? What does a depression feel like? What does trauma feel like? What do the many different mental disorders feel like? How can you put something so personal this into words? Many people find it difficult to impossible to put these feelings into words. Several (former) patients have tried to put this into words in dozens of autobiographies. Yet, you can only capture so much in words. An emotional state can be captured even better through art, ranging from paintings, sculptures to video, music & dance.

Many patients struggle to express how they feel as words oftentimes fall short. Many therapists and next-of-kin struggle to really understand what's happening inside their loved ones. Art therapy has helped many patients already during therapy, yet this Challenges poses the next step as this will culminate in an professional organised travelling exhibition, including seminars.


Story 2025

Participate and maybe your story will be published!

Stories for the Future

“What can I expect from the future... my future? There is only misery in the news... it seems like nothing positive ever happens anymore. Will the many wars, famine and climate change ever end? These kinds of thoughts are not strange, if you look at the world today. In the Netherlands, more than one million people now take antidepressants. Many hundreds of thousands of young adults are not feeling well and see their future bleakly. Our question is therefore: how can we prevent more and more people from sliding further into despair?

Why this challenge?

With the 'Stories for the Future' we want to give people who are struggling mentally inspiration, meaning and hope. We want them to see again that they are worth something and to get excited about tomorrow again. Give them a mirror in which they can discover that the future has not yet been determined. That's what this challenge is about. And that really needs you and your pen!


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