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About MADE-Life Foundation

We are committed to improving Mental Health for children and young adults in the Netherlands and beyond.

We do this by organising 'challenges' that innovate, inspire and inform in every possible way. These challenges act as a flywheel for the much needed changes in the mental health space.
Child Psycholgist

Mission of MADE-Life

What does MADE-Life do?

Finding new, innovative ways to improve mental health care. These can be very small tactical improvements, but they can also be major system changes. Unfortunately, several million people in the Netherlands suffer from mental disorders, including several hundred thousand children and young people (source: Trimbos/CBS)

The MADE-Life Foundation has formulated 4 themes and 16 initiatives in the areas of Preventive Surveillance, Timely Detection, Better Treatment and System Optimization. The MADE in MADE-Life stands for Mental Advocacy for Disease Elimination + Life.

How will we do this?

Every year we challenge participants/teams to come up with an idea with which we can improve the lives of people with a mental disorder. The subjects are different every year, so are the challenges. All submissions are evaluated by a professional jury and a patient jury.


MADE-Life foundation has chosen 4 themes to improve mental health. The different themes all influence different phases of these syndromes:

  • Preventive Supervision

  • Timely Detection

  • Better Treatment

  • Optimization System

16 Initiatives

We have defined 16 initiatives under 4 themes. Some of these initiatives can be realized in the short term, while others - unfortunately - require more time. These initiatives have a common goal, namely to promote mental health in the Netherlands and beyond.


Preventive Supervision

  1. Development of a data model of influencing factors regarding mental health

  2. Compilation of a library of effective questions regarding mental health

  3. Development mental 'check' (monthly check (preventive App))

  4. Development of mental 'APK' (annual check (preventive discussion))

Nurse Checking Girl
Child Psycholgist

Timely Detection

  1. Changing social awareness around the impact of mental disorders

  2. Compilation of library of instruments for mental resilience

  3. Insight into available treatments & explanation of the mental health care landscape

  4. Faster access to psychologists and other care providers


Better Treatment

  1. Insight into patient organizations & proactive referral from the healthcare landscape

  2. Development of more beneficial treatment places in the mental health care landscape

  3. Faster scheduling of DBS and other surgical procedures

  4. Accelerated safe introduction of new medications for mental disorders


Optimization System

  1. Optimization of 'Early Access' programs for new medicines

  2. Consideration of parental influence on decisions of 16- and 17-year-olds

  3. Consideration of parental influence on decisions of 18-year-olds under special circumstances

  4. Evaluation of euthanasia rules for young adults

Board Members

Alexander Lethen.jpg

Alexander Lethen

Chairman & Founder

Marjolein Rosero-Paauw.jpg

Marjolein Rosero-Paauw


Joost Jager.jpg

Joost Jager

Creative Director & Co-Founder


Education partners 'Room 2024'

Education partners 'Story 2025'




Address: Leidsekade 123, 3531HD Utrecht, Netherlands


KvK-nummer 89379012

RSIN 864962678

IBAN NL25 BUNQ 2087 4483 45


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