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Team: Serenity

School: Sint Lucas

Team Members:

Lot Beekman




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Lot Beekman

Description Design

"Serenity of natural vibes" stands for Ying and Yang and in this case a contrast between colors and materials. Think of: tiles and wood combined with soft fabrics and earthy colors.


My design creates an effective and pleasant space with a terracotta color

accent, to still convey a calm appearance. There will also be comfortable furniture and warm lighting. This brings back the living room feeling. A combination of decoration makes the space whole. By placing plants in the room, nature in the outdoor environment of the building is also brought back inside. With beautiful designer furniture and customization you can create a pleasant atmosphere, making clients feel completely at ease.

In our daily lives we are consciously and unconsciously influenced by the environment in which we find ourselves. Environmental characteristics such as colors, smells, music, materials and the layout of the room have a decisive influence on our well-being and functioning.

This means that our environment contributes to how we feel at that moment and the choices we make. Wearing certain colors, even on our fingertips, can affect our mood and that of others. I decided on the terracotta color because the ying and yang sign appears in the torn magazine image.

I thought this came across nicely and it radiated a lot of peace. Because terracotta has so many different shades, you can also match it very well with other colors. Other earthy tones such as stone gray, green and beige are colors that harmonize well with terracotta. Old pink, gold and purple shades are also a very suitable addition.

About MADE-Life Foundation

We are committed to the advancement of mental health of children, young adults in the Netherlands and beyond. We do this by organising 'challenges' that innovate, inspire and inform in every possible way. These challenges act as a flywheel for the much needed changes in the mental health space.

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