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Team: Komorebi

School: HKU (alumni)

Team Members:

Lisa Janssen





Lisa Janssen

Description Design

I get my inspiration from my favorite way to find inner peace: walking through a forest. The most enchanting moment is when the sun is shining and a enchanting dance of light and shadow in the forest arises.


In the Japanese language there is a beautiful word for this phenomenon: "Komorebi" - also the name of my design. In the forest all your senses are activated, and you are surrounded by a spectacle of colors and scents. Nature at its most beautiful.

About MADE-Life Foundation

We are committed to the advancement of mental health of children, young adults in the Netherlands and beyond. We do this by organising 'challenges' that innovate, inspire and inform in every possible way. These challenges act as a flywheel for the much needed changes in the mental health space.

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