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Team: Veiligheid, rust en vrijheid

School: Sint Lucas

Team Members:

Nina Wels




Foto Nina Wels_edited_edited.jpg

Nina Wels

Description Design

Safety, peace and freedom. That is what my design for the treatment areas is all about. These are key words that emerged in my research as something that is much needed.


The space is inviting, but not too busy so that it does not feel clinical but rather homely. I did this by using natural materials and organic patterns. I chose green as the main color because it represents nature, growth and harmony. Also, one of the most important elements of my design is accessibility and practicality.

By creating unique custom furniture as a desk, the space is easily adaptable. You can fold the desk so that the entire space can be used. The space is symmetrically designed, which ensures peace and harmony. This also means that the feeling of a power relationship is less likely to arise. The natural wallpaper that continues into the ceiling provides a safe feeling.

About MADE-Life Foundation

We are committed to the advancement of mental health of children, young adults in the Netherlands and beyond. We do this by organising 'challenges' that innovate, inspire and inform in every possible way. These challenges act as a flywheel for the much needed changes in the mental health space.

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