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Team: Confident Conversation Room

School: Sint Lucas

Team Members:

Rik van de Wiel




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Rik van de Wiel

Description Design

A room where the client feels at home due to the dynamic design and cozy corners, which stimulates the tendency to open up for a conversation.


The room also offers the opportunity to sit or stand in multiple places. Warm colours, soft fabrics and music play a major role in the design.

Music is a good topic to start a conversation with, so there is a speaker box in the room with which music can be played in the background, and posters of different artists can also be hung on the wall, which provides a conversation opener. Personally, I think this really helps with bonding and trust between the psychiatrist and client.

The different seating options in the room ensure that everyone feels comfortable and can take a seat in their own way. The materials and colors create a homely and warm atmosphere so that it does not come across as an office. This will allow the client to open up to a conversation more quickly.

About MADE-Life Foundation

We are committed to the advancement of mental health of children, young adults in the Netherlands and beyond. We do this by organising 'challenges' that innovate, inspire and inform in every possible way. These challenges act as a flywheel for the much needed changes in the mental health space.

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